Too much Marketing is bad…

Our team was heard this statement this weekend from a client who believes too much marketing for a business is bad and means the business might not make it. Our ears immediately made the connection and asked the question, do you own a business and how do you market. She explained, she ran a business but did not need to market because she did very well. We looked at each other and began to spin the wheels on how we can get our client to believe in the power of efficient marketing.

We began to break down the efficiency of having a campaign dedicated to your target market, if you want high school kids in your restaurant give the high school discount and get them in there on game nights. This will take some research and modifications to your print but will have it’s gains in the future. If you want construction Joe in there because you know he loves to eat find a few local construction company emails and send them a nice discount flyer so that all their workers have something to look forward to for lunch. The components of marketing have evolved with the technology, we must keep adding to our list of marketing items in order to stay relevant in this day in age.

So why market? Great question, our client did very well operating without marketing, the pictures on Instagram and Facebook that her past clients posted are good enough and can attract more people without the need of reaching out them. We agreed, but also gave her some food for thought. There are a number of applications created daily, something new and different strikes some new trend and now everyone is on snapchat creating funny videos with filters. The new hip crowd uses this instead of insta or face, so the message may be delayed. What if business slows down and you lose some clients to the new business store front down the street and they offer something you don’t. Chances are, they did their research and offered just a bit under cost to entice your clients. With marketing, you launch a new item or product to bring your clients back and have them remember the best service in town. Marketing allows people to find you at all times and remind them you still exist. Then we asked her about expansion, something had never given any thought.

We concluded, she was comfortable working her hours and in the future would be willing to expand and hire more staff and make more money. There are many levels to marketing and with that comes different types of marketing materials and tools that media creates. In our opinion, we use them all, until the world knows you exist and operate, you keep telling them who you are.

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