Memory Edits- Free up phone memory and share your memories!

Do you film everything on your cell phone? Do you find yourself taking pictures and video on your phone and forgetting about them? Those are memories that work like your brain, they are put away until you access them, then, you open the video of you hiking Yosemite and suddenly you smell the fresh atmosphere just like it was yesterday. Taking pictures and video of your experiences can have a negative effect on your phone memory capacity. Memory can slow down your phone and prevent it from working properly. Not to worry, we are here to help.

We are in 2017, there are many ways to create content in order for  your important social media angles to stay up to date and hip to all the exciting things life has to offer.

With Memory Edits, you can share your fondest memories and make them links just like a youtube video. Your camping trips, first bite while fishing and first fish caught. These are important milestones that should be shared and enjoyed like your first time riding a bike. Your kids will see videos of you riding a bike and have a feeling you had a wild side to you. Compiling your memories into one video is a great way to share the whole experience with cool transitions, storyline and music and freeing up memory on your device.

There are many benefits to creating videos of your footage. While traveling, you can share experiences with people who would have never had the opportunity to experience, but you made it possible, they will remember that place because of you. You have just created a memory for them. Video is powerful and we want to share this fun and innovative way to share your memories with the world.

The process is simple, tell us what style video you want, send us the footage, and weeks later, your video can be share with family and friends with link or posts on your social media channels. It is simple, call us today to create a new memory.

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