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Skills Videos for Recruitment

Playing sports can open many doors and lead to unexpected opportunities. For some it can lead to a free education, travel or even a shot at the big leagues. We look for ways to land opportunities via media to create exposure. With a skills video, you can track an athlete’s progress and the goal is to get you recruited. If you want to join a team or play in a tournament, send a highlight of your skills or team for faster recruitment. Click the link below for more information on creating a skills video package for your athlete.



An international team of media creators shooting the right angles to showcase your skills and abilities in real time, creating exposure and getting you to the next level.

Any athlete, any sport, anywhere in the world. Tell us your goal and we will guide you there.

Look at our packages for teams and athletes and see how much exposure you want to create for yourself.


MEDIA & DEVELOPMENT and designs, creating videos for recruitment, marketing, music and film.

Athlete’s Resume

Take control of your future by choosing who you want to play for. With a skills video, you can create exposure for yourself and show your talents.

Team Rates

We offer a variety of discounts from GOOD GRADES to TEAM RATES depending on your team size. For availability CLICK BELOW

I record my daily Vlogs, upload them and the team at Calboy Productions edits and adds the finishing touches to the message I wanted to deliver.
Coach Ken, Uzima Fitness
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Xtra Technologies

If you are looking to go to college and get an education through sports we can help. From recruiting videos to media exposure, we put campaigns in place to find a home for your talents. 

For examples of skills videos click the link below to watch video.